" The greatest satisfaction, I think, is when a building opens and the public possesses it and you cut the umbilical cord and you see it taking on its own life. There is no greater satisfaction - Moshe Safdie "

At "Exgratiaa Interior" What We Do:

We are undertaking Turn Key Interior Designing & Interior Decorating, Interior Contracting Works, Interior Related MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Interior Related Civil Works for all types of premises, buildings, industries like Home, IT Offices, BPO Offices, All Types Of Offices, Commercial Complexes, Showrooms, Factory, Educational, Pharmaceutical and More...,

Complete Carpentry Works:

Partition works:

     Wooden Partition, Ply Partition, Modular Partition, Glass Partition, Veneer Partition,

       Laminated Partition, Gypsum Partition, Acoustic Partition, Aluminium Partition, PUF

       Partition, Hung partition, Bison board Partition, Calcium board Partition, Folding

       partition, Cubical partition 

Flooring works:

        Vitrified Tiles, Marbles, Granites, Ceramic Tiles, Vinyl, Wooden, Carpet, Access

        (False), 3D Floors

Wall Panelling & Cladding:

        Veneer Panelling, Laminated Panelling, PUF Panelling, Gypsum Panelling, Acoustic

        Panelling, Bison board Panelling, Calcium board Panelling, Brown mirror glass

        Panelling, lacquered glass Panelling 


        Cabin Furniture, Office Workstation, Pedestal units, Reception Tables, Conference

        Tables, Wardrobes, Wall Units, Door with Frame, Windows, Dining Table, Server room

        Workstation, Modern Office Furniture, Overhead storage, Full Height Storage, Half

        Height Storage, Running Tables, Running Counters, TV Unit, Wall storage shelves,

        Modular Kitchen, Steel Furniture 

Painting Works:

        Emulsion Painting, Enamel Painting, Texture Painting, Distemper Painting, Lustre

        painting, Wall Art Painting, Duco Painting, Pop punning

Polishing Works:

       Melamine polish, MRF polish, PU polish, Varnish, French polish, Wax polish

Ceiling Works:

       Wooden Ceiling, Ply board Ceiling, Gypsum Ceiling, Grid Ceiling, Modular ceiling,

        Non Walkable Panel Ceiling, 6mm PVC sheet with Glass wool Ceiling, Metal Ceiling

        and More..,  

         a) Conventional ceiling - It is usually 2.40 meters high to fit standard construction material, the Finishing is                             usually drywall or plaster.   

        b) Suspended ceiling It is also a type of conventional ceiling, the difference is that a suspended ceiling

               is flat ceiling built under an existing ceiling.

          c) Cathedral ceiling - As the name implies, this is a sloping ceiling attached to the trusses of the

         roof up to the ridge.  

      d) Shed CeilingThis type is similar to a cathedral ceiling but only one side is sloped. However the rise

                of the ceiling is not as steep as the cathedral type.

           e) Vaulted ceiling - This type has an angle or arch that starts from the top of walls or columns to the

                 ceiling for a dramatic, high and spacious feel.  

           f) Tray ceiling This type aims to resemble an upside down tray, the center is flat with side sloping

                 from the walls.

          g) Cove ceiling - This type is actually a flat ceiling that has rounded corners joining the ceiling and the


Doors Works:

        Flush Door, Wooden Door, PVC Door, Metal Door, Vision Panel Doors, Louver Doors, French              Doors, Bi-Fold Doors, Sliding Doors, Glass Doors, UPVC Doors, Aluminium Doors, Drop Doors

Window Works:

        Aluminium Window, UPVC Window, PVC Window, Wooden Window, French window, Steel                Window

Seating arrangements:

        a) Chairs

          Big and tall chairs, Conference chairs, Ergonomic chairs, High back Mesh Office Chair, Mesh                Office Chair, High Back Executive Chair, Executive Mesh Office Chair, Executive Office Chair,              Managers Luxury Leather Chair, Visitors Chairs, Cafeteria Chairs

         b) Sofa Different Types & Model

Window Blinds works:

         Vertical blinds, Roller blinds, Chick blinds, Zebra blinds, Verman blinds, Skylight blinds, Panel               track blinds, Triple shade blinds, Galaxy blinds, Monsoon blinds, Perfect-Fit Blinds, Pleated                   Blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Wooden Venetian Blinds, Duo Vision Roller Blinds. 

Window Curtains works:

         Box Pleated Curtains, Cased Heading Curtains, Pinch Pleated Curtains, Eyelet Curtains,                        Tailored Pleat Curtains, Goblet Pleat Curtains, Sheer Curtains, Tab Top Curtains, Pelmets and             Valances, Hanging curtains

Decorative Film Works:

        Frosted Glass Film, 3M Frosted Glass Films, Digitally Printed Glass Films, Sun Control Film,                  Wall  paper

Pest control Works:

         Against Bed Bugs, Genus Cimex, Cockroaches, Blattaria, Termites, Isoptera, Ants, Family                       Formicidae, Rodents, Rodentia, Flies, Diptera, Mosquitoes, Family Culicdae, Fleas,                                     Siphonaptera

Signage Works:

        3D Letters, ACP Signage, Chrome Letters, Digital Signage, Etched Signage, Outdoor Name                    Board, Indoor Displays, LED Signage, Modular Signage, NEON Signage, Reception Signage,                   Safety Signage

Electrical Works:

          Point Wiring in PVC/MS/GI Conduits, Erection of Steel Cable Trays, Trunking, Raceways &                    Earthing

           Plug points, Phase changers, MCBs, inverters and other power supply units.

        LT Breaker Erection

        Laying of LT Cables

        Erection of LT Panels & Distribution Boards

        Interior / Exterior wiring

        Electrification & Cabling

        Installation of Light fixture

        Street Light Pole Erection


        Fabrication of Steel

        D.G. Installation

        UPS Installation

        Hipot & Polarity Testing

        Energy Audit

        Insulation Test

        Earth Test

        Illumination Test

        Volt / Amps Test

        Relay Testing

        Control Panel, Designing of Panels

        Laying of LT Cables

        Cable Terminations


        Earth Pit

        Erection of LT Panels & Distribution Boards

        Cable Tray Installation

Plumbing & Interior Related Civil Works:

      Water Supply lines, Sewage water supply lines, Waste Disposal systems, Masonry, Brick,

       Waterproofing, Structural, Grill, Staircase, Railing and Interior related Plumbing & civil works... 

Networking Works:

         DATA & VOICE

BMS (Building Management System) Works:

          Lighting, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Fire Alarm System, Fire Hydrant              System – Sprinklers, Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detection Alarms, Motion detectors, CCTV,                  Security and Access control, Public Address and Music systems, ICT systems, Lifts, Industrial               processes or equipment.   

At "Exgratiaa Interior" How We Do:

“Our MANTRA is Creating Mesmerising Spaces and it has to be rightly placed as well as brightly placed”

We always can achieve it by adopting below Interior Sciences & Stages:

Space Planning 









Discussion with you about your INTERIOR requirements (We can also help you out if you don’t          have any specific idea / plan) 

Discussion with you about your budget subsequently we can give our rough estimation,                          expecting completion time to move further strongly.

Internal discussion with our entire stage by stage project team about practical possibilities.

We do site visit for checking existing floor plans with original available space and do the                          necessary survey, taking photos and videos for further move before going into designing.

Discussion with you and your team (Close one, Team heads, Managers and more..,) to ascertain          space planning as well as having future in mind like migration, renovation needs may occur.

Initial programs and activities will be discussed / reviewed with you to make necessary changes        and corrections in order to avoid confusion as well as waste of time.

Make final schedule / stage by stage programs to get approval from you.

We do initial stage designing by using visual imagination through our creativity according to                 space, aesthetic, functional, ergonomics, anthropometry, colour and ambience requirements               having future in mind like migration, renovation needs may occur.

Consulting with you regarding initial stage designing and make notes of corrections / changes if        any to prepare final 2D Architectural drawing using AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3ds Max softwares            (Plan, Elevation and Section whichever view is necessary) If need we can produce 3D                                 Architectural view will leads into a virtual tour for how it will be after execution.  

For big and complicated projects we use PERT (Project Evolution and review technique) & CRM

      (Critical Path Method) to make better planning and scheduling. 

► Once getting final formal drawings approval from you we shift our move to procure materials

      involved according to specifications.  

Furniture procurement (Whether from our factory made or it has to make at site depends),                   lighting, acoustics, A/C, electrical, BMS, Data & Voice, civil, painting, flooring, false ceiling                       works progressing stage by stage planning as per schedule. 

Our project team will be there at site to make sure that every nook & corner utilization / decor           well and every details of work in all aspects what we have committed when start done and as             per our final approved working drawings.

Now we are ready to hand over your premises for occupation and better adaptability at your              end, we are always at your service from there on to correct any issue when full flow of usage... 


We aim to achieve above not only by the quality of our work but also by

  uncompromising quality of the material we used be it the boards, the wiring,

  the paint, the lacquer or the putty. From a small screws to high-tech lighting,

  we use first-class world-standard material and products, being in the field for

  over since early 2005 we have a great rapport with our supply chain partners

  also we are regularly updating our shelves in the market for both new

   technologies and new products.


Interior Design & Decoration just a call / mail away, make us possible for you right now:044-2258 1980, +91-94450 00980,

Email: info@exgratiaa.com

Corporate Office: No.1/88, First Floor, Door No 2, Bajanai Koil Street, Madipakkam (Adjacent to bus stand),  Chennai-600091.

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